Friday, July 16, 2010

Swimming Lessons

This year, both girls are taking swimming lessons.  Almost everyone in the area goes to the same place and they have a wonderful reputation.  They are kind, but firm.  Callie has taken lessons there before and is going this year to get a little more confidence and skill.

Here is how the week has gone.  There is still one more to go.

Day 1  Everyone is excited.  Yea!!!
Day 2  Cancelled due to approaching storms
Day 3  Callie is still excited, Kate doesn't want to go
Day 4  Callie doesn't like teacher number three, Kate REALLY doesn't want to go
Day 5  Callie still doesn't like teacher number three but loves number one and two, Kate is crying loudly and  hollering "MOMMY"

At the end of this lesson Callie decides that teacher number three really isn't that bad and Kate has put almost her whole face in the water, gone down the slide with help and has been handed from one teacher on the diving board to the other down in the water.  I thought they were actually going to drop her in and I was about to have a stroke!  We all went for ice cream.  Mommy deserved it!!!

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  1. Yes, I'd say Mommy deserved it :)
    And Kate & Abby are a lot alike..