Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things that matter...

Two cheeseburger meal from BK... less than $5;  five bags of mulch from Lowe's... about $25;  being reminded by one of your children of what matters... Priceless!  Kate and I had taken a Baba - daughter trip due to Sharron taking Callie to a tea / luncheon with some lovely young ladies from church.  We got mulch and Kate saw the BK sign and was "hungy" for lunch.  After hitting the drive thru we returned home and I put on some work clothes to prepare for yard work.  When I walked in the bedroom, this is what I saw.  Yes, she is not reading yet, and I know she does not (yet) comprehend the great doctrines of our faith, but I thought how wonderful it was to see God's Providence in my children (and all around) on a daily basis.  How blessed to be reminded that God is on His throne, King Jesus sits at His right hand, and I am one of the richest men in Boone County.


  1. Great reminder and a wonderful photo!!

  2. Love it! Just missing the sweet little face connected to those hands!

  3. Great picture! Thank you for sharing your blog address on FB, Sharron. Unfortunately, I know what is in my future. The girls will find out about this, and they will harrass me and hound me until I begin regularly updating the blog I set up about a year and a half ago! I think it has about 5 posts on it. You guys are doing great so far! Keep at it!