Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"The Cousins Sleepover"

It finally happened.  All spring and summer Callie has been begging for a "Cousins Sleepover".  What she really meant was a GIRL cousins sleepover.  We certainly couldn't invite those pesky boys to play dolls!  My sisters and I were finally able to come up with a date that was good for all of us and we had not just a one night sleepover, but two nights.  I can describe it all in one word.  LOUD.  Four little girls can be very loud! :)  Now that I have my wits about me again, I thought I would post some pictures.

It was too hot to do anything but play in the water and eat popsicles



  1. what a riot - well, Sharron, I can agree that 4 little girls are loud! :) Especially when they're excited.

    Did any of them actually sleep? At night? Did you?

  2. I want to play in the water and eat popsicles! :-) Looks like they had a great time!