Sunday, August 15, 2010

Survival Tips

Here are my tips for surviving (so far) when the Fearless Leader is gone.

1.  Invite your children's friends over for play dates so that you can get something done!
2.  Only do the bare minimum for meals.  Your kids will love boxed mac-n-cheese everyday!
3.  Work on "That Project" that you never have time to work on.  You'll have extra time because you won't   be cooking big meals or cleaning up the mess.
4.  Don't get all excited thinking that you'll get your kids to bed early and have some of the greatly coveted ALONE TIME that you NEED.  It probably won't happen. :)
4.  Most importantly (other than lots of prayer of course!), make sure that you have a few great friends who will have you over and make you feel like part of their family!! 

Thank you, great friends!!

For a more serious list that is also helpful and ideas for welcoming them home, go here.

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