Monday, September 13, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

I've been wanting to participate in Ann's lists of thanksgivings for a while, but being that I'm not that computer savy and new to blogging, I couldn't figure out how to get the logo on here.  Thanks to my blogging guru for showing me how. :)

I'll start with the most obvious things.

1.  My husband.  He's the best.  NO ONE else could ever make me as happy as he has.

2.  My oldest daughter, Callie.  She is the answer to many prayers sent up to Heaven.  I need to remember that EVERY single minute!

3.  My youngest daughter, Kate.  She gives "made in China" a whole new meaning. :)  She is also the answer to many prayers.  When Callie was around 5 and still the only one, I said to Cameron one time, "If we ever have another baby, I will never put it down".  I was only sort of kidding.  Callie had not been much of a cuddler (is that a word?) and I was foolishly worried about "spoiling" her.  God knew exactly which family Kate needed!

4.  I guess God's gift of salvation should have been number one.  I've been a Christian so long that sometimes I take it for granted.  I have no traumatic past or conversion story to tell.  However, it is amazing to think about how God has loved and protected me and that he sent his Son to die for someone so full of pride that she didn't think "she" really needed it.

I'll stop there for now.  I can't imagine that it will be hard to come up with 1000 Gifts that the Lord has given to us.  We are truly blessed.  Even when I sometimes forget it.

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  1. Very sweet, Sharron!

    I'm sure I've told you this before, but sometimes when they're fussy, I stop and pray and thank God for them, remembering how hard it was to have each of them. :) Forget apple pie, I usually need humble pie.