Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Thanksgivings

42.  Cameron got to go see his favorite team play and they won!!  It hasn't been a good year for Georgia.  We were a little concerned that a road trip to Lexington would not have a happy ending, but it did.  For us anyway. :)

43.  Cameron arrived home safe and sound at 4:45 AM. 

44.  Sunday afternoon naps! 

45.  Fun Saturdays with cousins and my sister.  We missed you Alyson!

46.  Cleaning out and organizing and rearranging.  It feels good!  It's still not perfect, but it's better.

47.  Parents, on both sides, who have persevered in their marriage, and life in general, to give us and our children a heritage of faithfulness.

48.  Forgiveness.  It's an amazing thing to give and receive. I get frustrated at all the opportunities I have to practice this with my children, then sometimes I stop to think how God must feel towards me.  Talk about patience!!

49.  Mondays.  Seriously.  They are usually our best homeschooling days.  We are (mostly) rested and refreshed and there is nothing going on in the evenings.  Usually, a good and productive day.

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