Monday, October 18, 2010

Gifts I Don't Deserve

23.  Wonderful in-laws.  Truly, they are.  They are very loving and supportive of everything we do--except living in Indiana. :)

24.  Beautiful fall weather.  I could live with this kind of weather all year long.  Cold nights for snuggling and nice days for being outside.

25.  Indian food.  Yummy!!

26.  Warm winter clothes when needed.

27.  Geography with Callie.  We are enjoying the books we are reading about Africa so much and hoping that we will be able to interview someone we know who lived there for many years.

28.  Living in a place where we have the freedom to teach our children the way we do.

29.  A husband who knew what he was talking about 12 years ago when he said, "I think we should home school".  Even though I told him he was crazy and we didn't even have children yet.

30.  God's sense of humor!  I know there are times we break His heart, but there must be times He sits up in heaven laughing at us.

40.  God's provision.  Food, money, clothes, and on and on and on.

41.  Cousins.  I wish there would be more and more! :)

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