Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been more than two weeks now since we have had a day where we had no where to go.  I don't like weeks like that.  We are behind in every category.  All of the places we have been or things we have done have been good or important things, but it's still hard on Mom.  Today will be no different.   We will be having lunch with friends who we rarely see and then, when we get home, I will be running off to a scrap booking "meeting".  It's an all day/all night (if you last that long) session of women scrap booking.  It's not that I'm that into scrap booking, I'd really rather sew, but.....I've had this little project that I want to do for Kate about our trip to China.  She was suppose to receive it for her 3rd birthday I think.  Well, she'll be five in January!  The only way I'm going to get this thing done is to leave the house and not come home until it is mostly finished!  One reason I'm probably such a terrible scrapbooker is because I cry like a baby looking through the old pictures of either girls.  That and it's just a pain to get all the stuff out.

Say a little prayer that I don't start bawling in front of all these other women!! LOL

dipping leaves in beeswax

the beeswax smells wonderful and the leaves will last longer for fall decorating

Next week, I may just refuse to leave the house!

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