Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gotcha Day

Today is the fourth anniversary of our "getting" Kate.   Some people who adopt call it "Gotcha Day".  In years past we have tried to get together with others who were in our travel group, but this year that just didn't work out.

The girls and I had a special tea party. We still have tea that we bought on our trip. I know, we need to drink it more often. We had Pocky Sticks, which are like long, skinny pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate. You knew there would be chocolate involved somewhere! We discovered them in China, but we are able to find them here too. Yesterday, while at Trader Joe's buying snacks for an upcoming road trip, I came across roasted seaweed. I thought that would be a perfect treat for today's tea. Callie actually likes it. Her Daddy is so proud. They can have it! LOL


Kate's face after trying the seaweed.

Tonight we will be trying a new Chinese restaurant that we have never been to.  We often go to the local buffet so that would not really have been that special.  We plan to come home and watch our DVD that one of the other moms in our group made with every one's pictures.

 It's funny, I didn't cry at all the day we got Kate.  Pretty amazing for me.  But watching that DVD always opens the dam!  I always leave the room for a minute since I don't want Kate to think I'm crying because it's a bad thing.  I cry for lots of reasons.  It's a pretty crazy mixture of emotions when I watch those images.  Sadness for a mother across the world, joy for us, an aching to do it again, the realization that it is humanly not likely, and a hope for miracles. 

Just minutes after getting Kate she fell asleep


  1. Happy Gotcha Day!!! Wonderful memories..

  2. I love the pictures! Especially Kate's face after the seaweed. What did *you* think of the seaweed?

    Thanks for sharing your feelings about it all. Pretty amazing to think that God made a baby for your family - halfway around the world!

    We bless and thank Him for Kate!