Monday, January 24, 2011

One Thousand Gifts -- Home Makover Edition

While the girls and I were gone to my parents, helping out and picking up a dog, there were little fairies at my house working hard.  I was supposed to have no idea at all, but Cameron couldn't keep a surprise if his life depended on it.  I didn't know what exactly was happening or to what extent, but I knew something was up.

Now to those of you who have never been here, you could look at these pictures and think, "big deal".  So let me give you a little background.  I am not particularly fond of "earth tones" in decorating.  I think it's pretty in other people's homes, but it's not what I love and want to be surrounded by.  Somehow, I ended up surrounded by more brown than I could stand.  Mostly due to beautiful, original woodwork, hardwood floors, and a rash decision concerning paint colors.  We also have in this house almost no storage.  "There's a place for everything and everything in it's place" is a wonderful little song and theory.  In this house it is a dream.  So I've been painting and building on rooms in my dreams for some time now. 

I have a dear friend who also has a friend who loves this type of challenge.  My sweet friend wanted to surprise me and paint our dining table and chairs while the girls and I were gone.  Well one thing led to another and these ladies painted a couple of more things, table legs were built by a very talented man, and things were rearranged to make a SCHOOL ROOM and some STORAGE!!  Yes, I know all caps means one is yelling!  I am yelling.  In a good way!

There were a few new things brought in, but most things we already had, they were just rearranged in a much better way.

Here is a tour.

So here is my list.....

109.  Friends who care. 

110.  A husband who just gets so excited he can't stand it.

110.  God's wonderful rainbow--especially red!

111.  God's healing for Friend's little girl.  Even that same week that she was spending so much time at my house.

112.  "Junk" in the barn and a can of white paint.

113.  Hidden and pretty storage.

114.  A loving heavenly father who know just what this woman needs in the middle of winter.  COLOR!

115.  Little girls who squeal with delight and say that our house looks like "a magazine house."

116.  Creative women with good taste.

117.  My friend's helper.  She doesn't even know me!

118.  My friend's husband who didn't mind her being gone, fixed our computer and took a giant piece of old wood and turned it into a school room table/desk. 

Thank you Lord and thank you Glen, Kelly and Rebecca!!  And Cameron!


  1. Beautiful!! I love it!! What great friends <3
    Well done, Cameron!

  2. Sharron,

    I was just glad you weren't mad at me!!! :)