Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Thousand Gifts with Callie

Feeling under the weather for several days can sometimes make us feel that we will never get better and that all of life is miserable.  And when the one who is sick is my wonderful assistant, I confess to missing her help and how much she entertains Kate.

So we are going to count our blessings together.

130.  A comfy couch

131.  Blankets

132.  Mommy

133.  Soft tissues

134.  Hot teas.  Traditional Medicinal teas are also great.  Sometimes these teas work better than the cough syrups and other over the counter medicines.  Just add honey!

135.  Soup

136.  DVDs. (We've watched three movies today!) 

137.  Little sisters who start praying right in the middle of the conversation for big sister to get better.  I know Kate is bored without Callie.  I'll have to take her out to play in the snow tomorrow.

138.  Husbands who run to the store for more tea and tissues.  And who also bring home ice cream and Dr. Pepper!

139.  God, who gives grace and energy to Mommy who sometimes gets frustrated with impatient patients and bored five year olds.

140.  An extremely part-time job at the Noblesville Antique Mall.  So much fun to spend a Saturday or two there each month.

141.  Learning to knit.  Thanks to a couple of very patient teachers.  Callie is knitting too and it has been fun to watch her learn too.

142.  Husbands who would rather stay home with us that go to a Super Bowl party.  I think I'll keep him!!

I'm hoping and praying that no one else comes down with anything!  We are suppose to be having a Valentine Party on Friday! 



  1. I hope Callie feels better soon! We are sick here too :(

  2. Does she have a sore throat? Several of our girls do. Hope she feels better! Love the icicle!