Monday, March 7, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

180.  The encouraging words of friends

181.  Sleepovers and long friendships.  Hers and mine.

182.  Grace and Mercy

183.  My husband.  Who else would drive to town simply (and happily) to get his wife a Dr. Pepper.  Maybe he just wanted an excuse to get out of the house. :)

184.  Snuggling in bed with my almond eyed beauty on Sunday afternoon.

185.  Watching my 11 yo still enjoying her imagination.  I don't know how much longer this kind of play will last.  It sure has been a joy to watch and listen in these past years.  I think my favorite memory is when she was around 5 years old and I walked in the living room to find her in her panties, lying on the floor with her arms out wide.  "I'm pretending to be Jesus"  Although as I'm typing this so many other memories are coming to mind, I'm laughing out loud.

186.  Gluten free chocolate donuts.  YUMMY!!  From Cooking for Isaiah by Silvana Nardone.  I checked this book out from the library, but it is one I would like to own.  Everything we have tried so far has been really good.  These donuts are delicious!  You would never know they were gluten free.  We are enjoying our donut pan every Sunday morning.  Actually Cameron is baking them on Saturday night and them I'm putting on the icing on Sunday morning.

187.  Signs of spring coming up

188.  Homemade bread that turns out right

189.  Patience.  I don't always have it, but I'm thankful when I do.  And so thankful that God and others have it with me.

190.  The amazing libraries that we have access to.  I can't imagine homeschooling, or keeping my bookworm happy, without the library.


  1. Those donuts look yummy! And it's nice to see Tina-Marie/Lilly's picture and know that she is being loved by a little girl.

  2. The donuts do look yummy!

    Kate *is* an almond eyed beauty.

    I love the Callie-funny. More, please. :)