Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Kate II

I'm thinking maybe this will be a regular thing.  These days will be over before I know it.

We had taken some boxed, gluten free macaroni and cheese to our friend's house in case we needed it for Kate.  We didn't need it so it was still in the snack bag on the way home.  She said, "Why did we take it?  For decoration?"

On the way home from church she was asking all kinds of questions about God and church.  She wanted to know if Jesus could hear us and we said that yes, He can.  She said, "How, with a magic ear or something?"  What's funny is that we had been watching Bionic Woman DVDs from the library while we were sick.  Remember her bionic ear?

Callie still has some good ones every now and then.  Tonight we finished a book that we have been reading and I was starting to read the "About the Author" page.  It said that her father was a "naval officer".  She interrupted and said, "A NAVAL officer?!  Do they go around inspecting people's navels or something?"  She was serious.  I haven't laughed that hard in a while!!

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