Monday, May 16, 2011

The Ability to Hear

275.  The girls sitting at the table oohing and ahhing over The Barefoot Contessa cookbook.  Kate's biggest excitement?  Tiramisu.  That's my girl!  Callie wants to try the baked macaroni and cheese.

276.  "I love you"  from so many people.  I am blessed to have wonderful relationships with family and friends both. 

277.  "I love you and I will never leave you and Lilly"  Guess who?

278.  "You're the best cooker" Said by the girl who likes almost nothing! LOL

279.  "You're so pretty"  Said by Callie during church.  I'm glad love is blind! :)

280.  "Hey, you want to watch a movie?"  I am so blessed to have a husband that would rather hang out with me and the girls than anything else.

281.  "It started!"  Thank God the van just needed a new battery!!

282.  Giggles from the girls and sometimes the "boy" too.

283.  All the times I hear how "tall and beautiful" Callie is.

284.  Callie reading

285.  Kate singing.  Sometimes she can get a little nasal and loud, but it honestly doesn't bother me.  It makes Callie crazy! LOL  I gently remind her that she used to do the same thing and how long we prayed for more little voices.

286.  Beautiful music

287.  A husband who is always encouraging, kind and loving.  Even when I am about to blow a gasket.  Not at him of course. :)

288.  "Good night"

289.  "Look Mommy"

All photos taken by Callie, which is why there are none of Callie.  I'll have to get some this week.

290.  "Baba's home!!"


  1. Rachel recently complained that I have few pictures of her. I reminded her that she is usually standing beside me when I am taking pictures. Now, I suddenly have more pictures of her! :-)

  2. I love the shot of Kate on the floor - Callie's good!!

    What a great list, Sharron. :)