Monday, May 2, 2011

Gratitude-Spring Edition

It's another rainy day here in Central Indiana.  Considering it is just raining and not storming, or worse, I guess that right there is # 265 on my list of thanks.

266.  My husband who brings beautiful flowers.

267.  That those flowers are still beautiful a week later.

268.  A great weekend visiting and celebrating with family.

269.  Sunshine.  Not much these days, but anytime we have it I am thankful!

270.  Little boys who were born to play ball.

271.  And their sisters too.

272.  Seeing an idea and wishing I had the right "tools" and then finding that very thing a few days later at Goodwill!  Very fun!  I even tricked Kate into eating raw carrots.

273.  God's protection while Cameron was away and the weather was stormy.

274.  God's protection of Cameron while he was in stormy weather too.  And also of Cameron's parents who live not too far away from some of the places in the South that were so damaged by tornadoes.  They said there were some small towns that were completely wiped out.

1 comment:

  1. the lily is beautiful! A cute shot of the girls, too.

    So what was the special Goodwill item?