Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

The girls and I will be leaving for church camp tomorrow and leaving poor Cameron on Father's Day.  He will probably be thankful for the peace and quiet for a while.  We want tell some of the reasons why we are thankful to God for giving us such a wonderful Daddy, Babba and husband. 

When behind closed doors,Cameron is incredibly funny.  He does great impersonations that keep us laughing. 

He is much more patient and easy going than I am.  If it was up to him, the girls would stay up all night and he wouldn't even be grouchy the next day.

Callie's exact words were, "He's funny and patient and kind"

He is generous.  Kate is thankful for the little things he brings home, like Prancer (stuffed animal)

"He let us get Lilly"--guess who said that one.

"I'm thankful to make cards for him"

Callie can guarantee that anytime she wants to watch a movie, Daddy will say "yes".

We all love to go to the interesting places to eat that Mommy would have never had the courage to try otherwise.

We are all thankful that he's willing to wash dishes.  Okay, the girls could probably care less, but I am thankful!!

I can count on one hand the times he has shown that he is angry with me, even though I am sure there have been more.   I'm sorry to say, he couldn't say the same thing.

He has always worked really hard to provide for us.

He loves my cooking.

He encourages my creative projects and doesn't mind when they include temporary messes.  Sometimes those "temporary" messes can drag on for a while. :)

He takes his role as spiritual leader very seriously, even when it makes him a little unpopular.

He loves us.  I can honestly say that he would rather spend time with us than anyone and loves for us all to be together no matter what the activity is.  Except for Date Nights of course!

I have heard it said that girls often marry men like their father.  In some ways that has been true for me.  I always thought my dad was the greatest and I think Cameron is the greatest husband and father that we could ever have!

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  1. You are not only blessed to have a wonderful husband, but also to realize it and be thankful.