Tuesday, June 7, 2011

True Gratitude

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing.  In everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  I Thessalonians 5:18

This verse is often easier said than done.  It's easy to rejoice and give thanks when we are having fun, being creative, going on interesting field trips or trying new foods.  It's not so easy when sickness comes, there is whining, plans have to change and more serious sickness comes to others we love.  "Rejoice always."  I think that may be harder than some of the more controversial parts of the Bible.  I can have faith and believe in things I can't see or understand way better than I can have a good attitude when things are hard at home.  But this is God's will for me.  I will be blessed if I even try to do it and my children will see my example.  Hopefully they see the trying more than they see the failing and my own version of whining.

301.  Solitude-haven't really had any lately, but boy when I do I am going to be very thankful! :)

302.  Things that work-I'm pretty bummed about some things that aren't working around here.   The van and camera (mine) to be specific.  But do you know what IS working.  AIR CONDITIONING.  Praise God!! 

303.  A flexible husband with a somewhat flexible job.  Made our change of plans this week a little less stressful and makes the van not working right a lot less stressful.

304.  Peony's in bloom.

305.  Plans still to look forward to.  Hopefully we will be getting together with one of Kate's friends from China (and her mother, our friend too) this week.  I'm praying for sore throats to be healed and fevers and whining to be gone!

306.  Grandparents.....who better be doing what the doctors ordered!!!!!

307.  New haircuts

308.  Kate's list--Kate wanted to know what I was doing and wanted to join in too.  These are her exact words.

Nie Nie (what we call my mom, Chinese for Grandmother.  I actually can't remember if I'm spelling it right.)
our dog
tree house
this beautiful day
Callie's ballet
our house
Dr. Pepper, just kidding
us making our peacocks
the Orr's making our house
our flowers

I really have nothing to complain about!  And yes, I know it's not Monday. :)

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