Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Family Photographer

I have had this post typed up for weeks, but the picture somehow disappeared.  We finally found it today in a different file.  So here it is.  I wouldn't even post it except I know some people way down south who will enjoy it. :)  And I'm sure Callie won't mind either.

Callie chose photography for her 4H project this year.  It was the perfect choice since she is always taking pictures anyway. 

The guidelines for first year photography are to show ten pictures of various things, no themes, on a poster with the title "Experiences in Color".  This particular project is what they call "open judging" which means the judge tells the student what he thinks of the photos right then when it is turned in.  The judge had mostly nice things to say and gave a few suggestions for making certain things better.  Callie did a good job, but she did say that even though she got a blue ribbon, she kept thinking about the negative things that the judge told her.  I reminded her that the point is to learn from the remarks so that she can improve and not to take it personally.

I guess that would be good advice for a lot of situations that we go through in life!

Callie did a great job and is already making plans for next year.

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  1. Yes, she did do a great job - way to go Callie!!

    Good advice, too, Mom... :)