Friday, August 26, 2011

{This Moment in Words}

Last night, we had to do some shopping.  Callie needed several things.  That child just won't stop growing! :)

This was our first expedition into the Jr. department.  I really was not looking forward to it.  We tried on three sizes of the same pair of pants and none of them fit.  Welcome to a growing woman's world Callie!  She was great though.  She never got frustrated, we just laughed about it and moved on.  She showed me some WILD looking things she liked and I silently thanked God for a small budget.  We found an outfit and some other necessary items too.  :)  I don't think I was cut out for this part of mothering.  It's happening too soon for my comfort.  We spent a lot of time in the dressing rooms and Callie was so funny.  We actually had a good time!

On the way home, I was pretty tired.  I was aggravated about the coupon they wouldn't let me use.  I failed to see the small print that it could only be used with their charge card and I was still thinking about this whole growing up business, but the girls were pretty excited. Kate got a new outfit too, and Cameron was all pumped about our upcoming trip South.  Then, Kate suddenly started telling us all about the gray cat that has been coming around lately.  Apparently, it was "on top of the black kitty and the black kitty was saying 'Meeeow'." 

Oh mercy!  It was just the laugh I needed.  I thought Cameron was going to run off the road and Callie was just howling with laughter.  Then Kate got the giggles and she didn't even know what was funny.  It was just the comic relief I needed.

Thank you Lord!

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  1. It's a good thing you posted this for posterity's sake. It would be too sad if you forgot Kate telling you that story. Hilarious!