Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Last Busy Days of Summer

Ever since we got back from our vacation, we have just been busy with one thing after another! All good, but I haven't had time to write or post pictures about anything.

I had a few more from vacation that I wanted to share. One day we went to a butterfly garden and there was a pond and ducks. It was all very pretty and the girls got to hold some butterflies and release them. We took the path to the pond to see the ducks and we passed by this bench. I know I should have said something about how naughty someone was to spray paint this bench, but all I could do was crack up laughing! I'm not skinny so I can laugh if I want to. :)

When we got home from Florida it was time to get busy sewing a dress for Callie to wear to the Scottish Ball.  What is the Scottish Ball?  It is a dance that our church has had every year for the last four years.  What?  A church holding a dance? LOL  It is an old fashioned type of dance with a caller and partners that most likely include a five year old and their Daddy.  It is for the whole family and they dance the Virginia Reel, the Broom Dance, things like that.  It is a whole lot of fun and the kids and adults both have a grand time.  I have no pictures of the finished dress yet.  That night it was raining when we left and we were running late.  I told Callie we will have to recreate the moment and get some pictures.  She and Kate looked lovely.  Trust me.

Later in the week went went to work with Cameron (which means we rode around in the car for a couple of hours, saw an old courthouse and then rode back home) and then went apple picking and had pizza at the park.  It was great day!  Callie did the rest of her schoolwork in the car, I read and knitted and Kate played and slept.  We got 20 lbs. of apples which we plan to make into apple butter soon.  Oh, and the required cup of frozen cider.  Mmmm.

The next weekend it was our annual Carmichael, Cox, Hall, Sparks Camping trip.  I have not one picture!  It was very rainy and even though we did have a good time, I was just never motivated to get out the camera.  We went to Brown County State Park which I'm sure is nice, but we will have to go again to really know.  Oh, and when the reservation map says it's 200 yards to the nearest bath house, don't even think about reserving that spot.  Fortunately it was cold and rainy and we all got nice, warm, civilized showers when we got home.  Now I know that "vault toilet" is just a nice way of saying "outhouse".

Now I have gotten all of this posted and out of my head! 

Happy Fall!!

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  1. Sweet pics of the girls with butterflies!
    Happy Fall - it's almost Winter in Maine, lol.