Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Current "Project"

The Julia Child book/videos are just for fun and for our study of France

Do you notice a theme here?  Food!  But not just any food.  Gluten-free food.  I have been "ordered" to go on a gluten-free diet.  So we are getting ready to do some research in the kitchen.

Now, a few years ago, this would have totally freaked me out.  There may have been tears and despair.  I'm recalling several years ago when another doctor told me "no more caffeine".  I'll admit, I followed his advice(well, except for chocolate)  for only ten months or so and since I didn't see the intended results, I flew to the nearest gas station selling canned Dr. Peppers!  Those of you who don't know me may think I'm kidding.  I'm not. :)

Anyway, while we haven't been super strict about it, we have, in an effort to lessen the effects of Kate's eczema, tried to keep her away from wheat for a few years now.  So I have been making gluten-free food for her for a while.  I'm used to it and it's not too big of a deal.  Except for eating out and sometimes that is more difficult.

Cameron has volunteered to join me so we are jumping in this culinary adventure together.  Callie doesn't care as long as it tastes "normal".  We have one gluten free cookbook that Cameron's parents sweetly sent us last year and we would like to invest in one more.  One that has a lot of basic, everyday recipes and bread making tips.  Gluten free bread that is worth swallowing is very expensive, so that is one thing I will need to master.  We'll see which one of the above books makes the cut.

Now, as long as you don't mention Papa John's or bring up that our family LOVES to try out every Chinese restaurant we see, I'll be fine and I'll have a good attitude.  We have a bit of a soft spot in our hearts for all things Chinese.  Just please don't remind me that yesterday was the beginning of Chinese New Year and "wouldn't it be fun to go get dim sum?"  I'm pretending I don't know and don't care.  We do have plans to celebrate somehow, it's just that I may be eating steamed broccoli or something. LOL


  1. I think the 365 crockpot site is gluten-free too, are you familiar with it?
    We haven't done gluten-free, but hubby stays off all sweeteners, except honey and fructose sugar. I actually jumped on that too, I started a 22 day sugar fast, but plan on staying off sugar longer.
    I was told to get off caffeine too, so I quit for 6 months, and it didn't make any difference, so I'm back to drinking coffee again. Of course it doesn't taste as good without sugar...

    1. I heard of that blog a while back, but had kind of forgotten about it. I'll have to check it out again. I can't imagine no sugar! I'm not too bad, it's just two things. Chocolate and Dr. Pepper. But those two things I am addicted to. I have cut the DP's down to one a day and I'm trying to go to one a week. It's like we need an AA group or something! LOL