Thursday, May 3, 2012

Needle and thREAD

Finally!  I covered the pillows that came with our couch.  My mom bought me an unfinished quilt top, that I picked out just for this purpose, for my birthday.  We have four regular sized square throw pillows and one smaller rectangle pillow.  There was enough of the quilted fabric to cover two of the square pillows and the rectangle one too.  I'm really pleased with how they have turned out.  They look much brighter and more cheery.

I'm still waiting on my book from the library so I'll tell you about another book that Callie and I are getting ready to read. 

When we are ready to learn about a new country I go to the Indianapolis library web site and type in the country name and then request a bazillion books and a video or two that look good.  We started out a couple of years ago using the Serendipity ideas and then just moved on from there.  So for Germany, an Eric Carle book was on the list.  Eric Carle was born in the US, but moved to Germany as a child and grew up there.

Callie and I actually heard him speak and met him several years ago.  He even signed two books for us along with a few other hundred people who were in line.

Flora and Tiger: 19 Very Short Stories From My Life is a book of short stories about his life in Germany and here in the US.  Hopefully we will enjoy it.
needle and thREAD
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  1. What a great idea for the pillows. They came out so pretty and cheerful!!