Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Week

What I thought was going to be a slow week has turned out to be not so slow.

We have had two weeks of no school work at all and this started our week of summer math.  Oh, it's fun!  Read into that sentence as much sarcasm as you can.  I often, maybe too often, remind Callie when she starts complaining that it's not exactly fun for me either.  I'd rather be sewing, reading, even cleaning the toilet as much as she would rather be reading, making a video or watching grass grow.

I have been very proud of us both though, we haven't missed a day yet.  Yes, I know it is only Thursday.  Trust me.  I'm proud of us!

So.  Monday morning we did our duties and then Cameron said he wanted us to ride with him to a courthouse in Convington, IN where he had to get some records.  A wise friend told me several years ago, when I may have been complaining about not getting anything done at home, not to complain when my husband wanted to spend time with me.  So we all road to Covington with Cameron.  It's a beautiful drive through that part of Indiana.  Very hilly and curvy.  We didn't have time to stop and take pictures though.  Maybe next time.

Tuesday.....I think was filled with laundry and general cleaning up and some weeding in the garden.

Wednesday we had a doctor appointment for Kate.  After more than a year of her "snorting", I decided it was time to go to an ENT.  It was quite funny to see his face when he heard her do it while he and I were talking.  He said we need to get x-rays of her nasal passage and allergy testing.  So we will be starting with the x-ray next Thursday.  He said it was dry and crusty inside, as if she had eczema in her nasal cavity.

Today I have been working in the school room/sewing room reorganizing a bit (more).  As much as I loved seeing all the pretty fabric folded nicely on the shelves, the afternoon sun is just too bright and was threatening to ruin my fabric.  So under the school desk it went and now the bookshelf holds books and school supplies.  Not quite as pretty, but that's okay.

Tonight Callie has a 4H meeting and tomorrow I think some friends are coming over to play.

I wonder what next week will be like.

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