Friday, July 6, 2012

Indiana's Shortest Parade

For most of our 21 years of marriage we have gone to the Linton parade which boasts "Indiana's largest Fourth of July parade."  This year we found Indiana's shortest Fourth of July parade.  We headed north this year to Indiana Dunes and decided to go to the Porter, IN parade.  We found a shady spot and were kind of surprised that there weren't more people.  It started out with a small, but really good band, then a few fire trucks, a few other entry's and then, it was over!  It was actually great.  There were not  50 tractors and we didn't have to sit in the heat for two hours.

This part of Indiana, close to Chicago, is called "the Region"

From there we went to Indiana Dunes State Park to go swimming at the "beach".  The water was so cold and refreshing.  Apparently the rest of Northern Indiana thought so too.  I've never seen so many people at a beach!  Even a real ocean beach.  It was packed!  We didn't really care though and Callie and Kate certainly didn't care.  Our little fish had a ball and Callie has now seen more tattoos in one day than I have in all of my 41 years (and that was just on the women)!

We drove home a tired and stinky lot after filling our tummies with cheeseburgers and ice cream.

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