Thursday, July 12, 2012

This Week

Kate started swimming lessons.  She was so excited.  She's been talking about them since the end of last summer's lessons.  She has a love/hate relationship with them though.  She hates the diving board and slide and these teachers don't take "no" for an answer.  They catch her at the bottom, but she still hates that part.

Callie got a new hair do too!  We should have done this months ago!!  You would not have believed the pile of hair on the floor.  If you've seen Princess Diaries where the guy brakes his brush on Anne Hathaway's hair then you know what Callie's hair is like.  THICK!


after--even after being slept on

We went to Kate's follow up appointment after her CT scan and allergy testing.  I was wrong when I told people she was allergic to 17 out of 33 things.  It was 19.  {Sigh}  These allergies are all inhalants and have irritated her nasal passages so much that there are now polyps.  One side of her airway is completely blocked and the other mostly.  No wonder the child is going around snorting!  So.....those have to be removed and allergy shots started.  Oh, she's going to love that.  It will be one in each arm.  Unless we do the drops.  That's still to be determined based on what insurance says.  I'm praying that we can do those instead!

Our air conditioner was out for about 48 hrs.  Man am I a wimp!!!  In my defense, only two of our downstairs windows will open, so it's not like we can get a good breeze coming in.  We were just very thankful that it wasn't last week when temps were over 100 degrees!   We were also very thankful that it was not an expensive repair.

We picked and ate our first homegrown cucumber.  I have a feeling pickle making is going to be in my future.  There are going to be a lot of cucumbers.

Tomorrow we are picking up the female cousins for a three night sleepover!  We have two very excited girls on our hands.


  1. Callie's hair looks great! But let's see a picture from the front! :-)

    1. I know. By this time she had slept on it and had it in a headband, so the front wasn't as great. I'm keeping you in suspense! :)

  2. Love the hair, and the hilarious shot of Kate in her boots in the garden. Hoping for a fun 3 nights - and glad that everyone will be cool during it!