Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Remember that bumper crop of cucumbers we were going to have?  We had eaten a lot already and made one batch of pickles too.  I'm glad we enjoyed them while we had them.  The storm that blew down our trees blew several of those limbs right across the garden.  The cucumbers were and corn were most damaged.  I was holding out hope that they would revive since the roots were still in the ground.  Tonight, we admitted defeat.  Cameron pulled them out.  I need to figure out what we can plant there now since it is a good sized bed.

We're still not sure about the corn.  I don't think they are going to die, but I'm not sure we really planted enough for them to pollinate properly in the first place.

Our pumpkins may turn out okay.  We have one that looks really good and ready to pick.  One that has a bad spot already and one that looks like it may be good .  There are several blooms on the plant that will hopefully produce some good pies, soup and muffins.

I certainly don't think I will have to worry about freezer space for tomatoes this year.  We've enjoyed some fresh and I did roast one batch for soup, but that's about it.  I don't know what the Roma plants are doing.  Actually, I do.  Virtually nothing!  The few that are turning red are getting black spots on the bottom.

We have gotten the mess cleaned up, but we haven't planted anything yet.  I'm excited about trying garlic this year.  I think we can plant that next month or maybe in October.  We use a lot of garlic, so it would be great if it was successful.  I hope to keep as many things growing as we can for as long as the weather will hold out.   Unfortunately, once school starts we I tend to forget about it.  My focus has already turned indoors with cleaning, painting and organizing for school.  Hopefully this year I won't forget the garden completely.  Maybe I'll add it to my house keeping schedule!

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  1. At least some of it was enjoyed! Hopefully adding it to your hs schedule will help. :)