Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The First Days of School--With No Pictures

This post could have two titles.  The other would be, "Cameraless".  Not a word?  Well, it means we now have no working cameras in this house.

Sunday, Cameron and Callie served dinner at a church in downtown Indy and Callie forgot her purse there.  We got the purse back, but one thing was missing.  Her camera.  It's a bit ironic that someone took something that has no power cord with it and the piece that tells you what all the buttons are for has fallen off.  They may be disappointed!

Callie hasn't been near as upset as I would have expected.  I realized she thinks that the one that was dropped in the sand can just be fixed with no problem and that she will end up with a new one or our fixed one.  Remember that book that I'm reading?  About youth entitlement?  Oh the irony!

Well I wrote about our school days before the camera drama and I was waiting to post it when we downloaded the pics.  Guess I'll go ahead and post it since I don't really know for sure when that camera will drop out of the sky onto our porch. LOL

Whenever it does, I will have the girls do a replay for pictures!

Two days down, 178 to go.  So far, so good.  :)

Our first day we continued our tradition of joining our favorite field trip buddies for the official First Day of School Field Trip.  This year, we traveled a little and went to the Creation Museum.  The dad's and even a grandma joined us this time and we had a wonderful day.  The weather was perfect, the drive not too far and the company some of the best. 

The second day was a "traditional" school day.  At least as traditional as homeschooling can be.  Kate was very excited for her first day of first grade and did a great job.  Callie misread the instructions for math and thought she had double the pages to finish.  Thankfully, I caught her before she had a complete meltdown!


Now we have had four days and things are still going well.  I love the reading that Callie and I are reading together and discussing and she loves seeing the connections between our Literature and History.  Maybe Jr. High won't be so bad after all.

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