Friday, August 3, 2012

The First Week of August

Monday we went to Six Flags just north of Chicago.  The girls and I earned free tickets through a reading program that Six Flags sponsors.  We planned to just go to the water park since it was so hot.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  Now I am not adventurous.  My idea of a good time is watching a movie with hot chocolate in hand, on the couch with Cameron.  My idea of adventure is going camping in state parks and hiking the man made trails. :)  Callie would probably describe herself the same way.  Well we decided to live on the edge and ride some water rides.  Now don't be too impressed.  These rides were so dangerous that Kate was tall enough to ride them too. LOL  We were very glad we didn't chicken out and everyone had a ball.  It was a dream come true for Kate.  Seven hours spent playing in water.

Tuesday was Kate's surgery.  Thanks to faithful friends and family who prayed, neither I, nor Kate, cried one bit when they wheeled her away.  Cameron wasn't even able to come with me.  Callie woke up not feeling well and he had to stay home with her.  She was fine, just exhausted from the day before.  Four hours of sleep later she was perfectly fine.

Callie took this.  Does she look pathetic or what!?  This is how she looked all afternoon and evening Tuesday.  There was constant drainage so the hospital sent us home with this thing to hold the gauze under her nose.  How she was able to breathe with that on her nose and a blanket in her mouth is beyond me.

Wednesday I was prepared for a terrible day.  I thought Kate would be miserable and in a significant amount of pain.  She did complain a couple of times and taking her medicine was a bit of an ordeal once, but other than that, she did great.  I couldn't believe it!  So other than a couple of breaks for lunch and checking e-mail, we spent the whole day playing Horseopoly.  You know, Monopoly, but with Horses instead of street names.  Callie went to a friends house so it was just Kate and I.  Even though a certain body part of mine got a little sore, it was fun.

Thursday was errand running day.  Nothing exciting there.

Today I did some painting.  It was sort of sad.  One of the bookcase/cabinets that we bought had already been painted blue and some very nice fabric applied to the back.  It was really pretty.  My mother will shoot me.  But, I have nothing in this house that is blue.  It needed to be red! :)  It will look really good in the school room when it replaces the cheap, ugly, too small pressed board shelves that are in there right now. The other set of shelves are white, so they will work as is.

We are meeting friends for dinner so since I spent the morning watering outside, quite a chore in this drought, and the afternoon painting, that means I have to go get a shower!

The collard greens are doing well, we have two pumpkins and lots more blooms, lots of cucumbers and hopefully some corn.  The sunflowers always do well and the tomatoes are okay.  Peppers, as usual for us, aren't doing much.  This may be the last year that I even bother.  See the circle of green in the back left?  That's one of two apple trees.  The only green grass we have is next to plants we are watering to keep alive.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Glad Kate did so well! Truly an answer to prayers.

    Hope you had a fun dinner!

    What things are you planning to make with the veggies?