Wednesday, September 12, 2012


One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the freedom that we have as a family.

{Sorry if you thought I was going to write about politics.  That will probably never happen!}

Monday night, I was checking Facebook and a friend mentioned that on Tuesday Conner Prairie would be offering free admission.  Conner Prairie has always been Callie's favorite field trip destination and is becoming one of Kate's favorites too. 

Every summer I work very hard on planning our days of learning.  What books we will read, what artist we will learn about, etc.  I write it all down nice and neat on paper what we will do and when.
Today's plan said nothing about Conner Prairie or the 1800's.  We are studying the Medieval period this year.

This is where the freedom comes in.  Who cares what the schedule says?!  Conner Prairie is a great place to learn and enjoy a day of being out doors.  We are not bound to my well laid out plans.  We certainly aren't bound to the plans of anyone else.  If Cameron wants us to spend a morning riding in the car with him, we grab our books and we go.  I could probably go on and on, but I won't.

This is what Callie did most of the time. Take her own pictures. She doesn't do all of the cute things anymore.

  in a covered wagon

The bottom line is that we had a wonderful day learning and I'm so thankful to have the freedom to be spontaneous.

I think Callie is doing her own blog post about it with a lot of pictures that she took. 


  1. We'll have to check out Callie's blog! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

  2. What a wonderful field trip! You are right, one of the biggest blessingas of homeschooling is the freedom!