Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Mondays Are Our Best Days

Most people don't care for Mondays a whole lot.  It's back to the grindstone after a weekend of leisure, or at least different work than what must be done during the week, for most people.

In our house though, it seems as if Monday is one of our best days for school work and productivity.  It always has been.  I had never really thought about why until recently.

I realized that one reason it is a good day for us is that we have actually taken the day before as a day of rest.  I don't mean that we have any kind of "rules" for what we will or won't do on Sundays, but it's just a life style for us.  Cameron and I have sort of always done this and it has been a blessing.  It probably came easy for me since I grew up a preacher's kid and it was just a given that we would go home and my parents would rest between Sunday morning and Sunday evening services.

There are Sundays where we may go to some one's home or we may be traveling or doing some sort of "work" to help someone out, but you won't find us doing yard work and you won't find me doing house work or the girls doing chores.  It's a great day to read, nap, knit or sew and sometimes watch football.  The girls love to have friends come home with them from church or go to friend's houses. 

The girls are only involved in ballet and not sports, so we've never had that decision to make.  I know what I hope we would do, but I also know that it would be easier said than done.

The bottom line is that we feel refreshed.  We've had a break from the normal routine and we are ready to get back at it on Monday.  I think it is the blessing of resting on the Lord's day.

Now I realize that by posting this I may be asking for it.  Kate may wake up super grumpy, Callie may have on her "I'm training to be a lawyer and argue with everything" hat and I may wake up later than I should and not have any motivation.  It has happened. :)  And that's okay.  We will get a do over on Tuesday.

His mercies are new every morning!


  1. I love it! One of the true benefits of your rest on the Lord's Day goes beyond having a good start to your week- it means you are instilling in your girls a love of the Lord's Day! It becomes a happy day - of fellowship, fun, relaxation, and gratitude. The perfect start to the week. Very encouraging, Sharron. :)

  2. It is so true, isn't it. Sunday is so important!