Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yarn Along

I've been working on these hats for my nephews for Christmas.  I'm really excited about them.  I'm hoping to add ear flaps and ties to two of them. 

I was pretty skeptical of the whole electronic readers concept.  Until I kept hearing the word "free".  Then I saw prices like $2.99 and $.99.  We ended up getting a Kindle for Cameron for his birthday and he loves it.  He sweetly shares it with me sometimes too.  I recently downloaded Home Education by Charlotte Mason and Grammar Land by M.L. Nesbit

I'm enjoying Charlotte Mason's wisdom very much and Callie and I are having fun reading Grammar Land together.  It's very witty and is a good reinforcement of what she is learning, but in a totally different way.

Both of these books were written in the 1800's.  It makes me laugh to be reading them on a Kindle!  What would those authors think?

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  1. I have really wanted to read Mason's work, but alas I do not have a Kindle, lol. I am trying to scour my library for them!
    And I love the hats!