Saturday, October 6, 2012


I have so many thoughts running through my head tonight.  My oldest daughter, the one I gave birth to, will be thirteen years old tomorrow.

How can that be?  Sometimes I don't even feel like a grown up and now I have a teenager?  My sister asked me if I felt old.  Well I hadn't until she mentioned it! LOL

I feel mostly thankful, and yes, a little sad.  She hasn't been little for a long time.  She is already taller than I am.  But turning thirteen makes it so much more.....real.  She's becoming a young woman.  A very tall, beautiful, funny, generous, loving young woman.

 She has always been very funny!  Oh the pictures we could share!

Having a daughter has been everything I had hoped it would be.  And all that I was scared it would be too.  You know, two people who are just alike and will "argue with brick walls."  I had no idea just how much like me she would be!

I thank God for you Callie and I hope and pray that you know how much we love you and that He loves you more!


  1. Happy Birthday, Callie! Love that first picture! More! More! :-)

  2. Thank you so much mommy! (Thanks a lot for that embarrassing picture!) ;)