Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Week......

we have worn sweaters in the morning, shorts during the day and flip flops,

we packed away all of the camping gear after a great weekend camping with friends,

I found some totally cool fabric that I just have to figure out what to make with it and how much I can afford to buy,

we were at the ballet school four nights,

I listened to Kate read with a little more ease,

we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and ate at Chipotle with our favorite field trip buddies,

I tried three times to write a blog post, but for various reasons could not,

one of those various reasons is going to have some new computer guidelines :),

I have done more laundry than I care to think about.  The only thing I hate about the change in seasons.

I have been very thankful for our washer and dryer,

and as always, I am very thankful for Cameron who makes the ordinary weeks better.

Oh the joys of being 6 years old! 

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