Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lazy Gratitude

Random photos that have nothing to do with this post. :)

I haven't done an "official" gratitude post in ages.  I got lazy keeping track of the numbers and doing the link  with the other blog, but I still want to make note of things that I am thankful for.

This week was a very full week with the usual ballet classes, a field trip at the State House for Callie, babysitting, etc.

Today we got a couple of things done that needed doing before the really cold weather comes.  I'm assuming it's coming.  I had on flip flops today.  I'm hoping for at least one big snow!

Taken by Callie on one of our hikes when camping

I was all set to work hard here at home when I got a "mom emergency meeting" call.  You know, "I'm going to explode.  Can you meet for lunch?".

Have I ever told you how awesome my husband is?  He said "No problem" and so I met a dear friend for lunch.  The thing is, she had no idea how badly I needed to meet too.  It was good for both of us to share some frustrations and promise to pray for one another and encourage each other. 

So, I'm very thankful for......

God's gift of friendship

A gracious husband

My sweet daughters


Time to do interesting things with Callie

A day mostly at home getting things done

A day of rest tomorrow

 Callie goofing off

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  1. callie is wierd all the time
    so its not like that is unbeliveable
    for her to be crazy !!!
    lol :)