Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homemade Gifts

Every year I have these grand plans of all the gifts I'm going to make for friends and family.  Every year I'm very excited to do these things and plan to get an early start.  Last year, Cameron was gone all of December.  I think there was only one hand made gift.

 Sorry about the red eye.  One of these days I'll figure out how to edit pictures.

Some time in the months since then I have realized something about myself and hand made gifts.  It's not that much fun when there is a deadline.  I love to make things for the girls.  Absolutely love it!  However, since we are home together every day it is very hard to keep things that I'm working on a surprise.  I'm not good at waiting until they go to bed to sew.  I'm tired and I make mistakes that then have to be fixed.  I have realized that, for me, it is much more fun and less stressful to make them things through out the year and maybe for birthdays and choose the things that have to be purchased for Christmas.

As far as friends and family go, I can still make that list of ideas I would love to make, but also make a list of purchased gifts.  If I can get to the hand made gift, great!  If not, I can buy whatever is needed instead.  It's way better than staying up until all hours of the night and then being grouchy the next day.  Not that I would or have ever done that. :)

This year I was able to make something for all of my younger nieces and nephews and my mom!  I started very early on the football hats for my nephews and the things for my nieces and my mom didn't take too long.

I love doing it and hopefully they will enjoy their gifts.

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