Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Winter Walk

For the longest time I have wanted to go for a walk in the woods when it was snowy.  There is a park not too far from us that has trails and a nature center and a large body of water that I have imagined would be so beautiful covered in snow.  Usually when it snows here though, the temps take a significant dive, the wind starts blowing like a hurricane and I don't leave the house unless I have to.  By the time it warms a little I've usually forgotten about it.

Not this time though.  Well, the temps did take a dive for a few days, but today it was 47 or so and the sun was shining bright.  A lot of snow had melted here at our house, but with rain coming and who knows what kind of temps next week, I just couldn't shake the feeling that it may be "now or never" for a nice hike.


I was not disappointed and even someone who was a bit reluctant was very glad that we went.  The pictures really don't show how beautiful the sun was shining through the trees and reflecting off of the ice.  Not sure if it's my picture taking abilities or what, but just trust me, it was beautiful!

I think there were four deer, but I didn't want to get any closer.  Callie was very close and probably got some great pictures, but she's in bed and I don't know where her camera is. :) 

 Very sweet moment when Kate says "Let's hold hands.  Mommy, take our picture."

Sometimes it's hard to get back into a rhythm after the holidays, but you know you have no choice.  This was a really good outing for us at just the right time.  I'm very grateful for His blessings.


  1. I convinced Mick and our younger kids to take a winter walk at dusk last week. I thought about the camera, but didn't take it because I knew my fingers would be too frozen to push the button! :-D

    Your pictures turned out very nicely -- love the one of the two girls holding hands. :-)

  2. Thanks. I actually had my gloves on the whole time, but last week was a lot colder!

  3. It looks like a memorable time. I'm sure the girls won't forget it! The pictures are great - so soothing.