Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22 Daybook

I've seen this format on a few other blogs that I read and thought I would try it.  I have no idea where the idea originated.

{Outside My Window} It is 4 degrees outside.  No, that is not a typo.  4!!

{I Am Thinking}  That's it's too cold to do anything but snuggle on the couch with good books and hot chocolate!  Also about a very good book that I am reading.  More details when I finish it, but Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson is an amazing book!  Every parent needs to read this book.

{In the Kitchen}  We made gluten free chocolate cupcakes, gluten free pretzel dots, and then I made gluten filled macaroni and cheese from scratch a la Martha Stewart!  Kate had the gluten free boxed variety which she says is better anyway! LOL  I would have agreed with her at her age.

{I Am Thankful For}  Heat!  Also, for a nice celebration of Kate's birthday with family on Saturday.  The weather was mild and sunny and everyone had a great time.

{I'm Creating} Other than the birthday party decorations not much of anything.  I am working on a hat from Purlbee.com, but no pictures yet.  I have lots of things in my mind that I want to sew.  I'm hoping for some extended sewing time in a couple of weeks.

{I Am Praying For} That the next two weeks go quickly!  And for my friend Joanna.  She and her children have had many health challenges over the years.  Sometime things get better for a while only to start up again.  Right now she needs a lot of wisdom and strength from the Lord.  Not to mention healing for the whole family.

{Around the House} We cleaned up all the party evidence and now it's just trying to maintain.  I did find a really pretty light fixture at Goodwill, but I'm not sure it will fit.  We'll see.  We did some rearranging too that I'll have to show you soon.

{Plans For the Rest of Week} Ballet, a trip to the library and a visit with friends.

{One of My Favorite Things} Cell phones.  Makes missing someone a little more bearable.

{In the School Room}  Nothing too exciting.  Callie and I are enjoying our time reading Winning His Spurs.  She was sure it was going to be "boring".  I love it when she's wrong! :)  Kate has decided that maybe this reading business isn't too bad after all.  Last week at the library she was trying to read the covers of the smutty novels that were next to the Fiction section where I was looking for something.  Very funny!

{Pictures}  More birthday party photos

It was such a wild party, Uncle Steve needed a nap!

"I've been wanting a watch!"

the whole gang

Stay warm! If you are living where it's nice and sunny and warm....well, I don't know what to say to you.;)

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  1. Looks like a great party! Nice picture of all the kids. :-)