Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{Yarn Along}

It looks like I'm on a "toy" kick with knitting.  I'm really just trying to use up some left over yarn.  I can't really justify going out and buying yarn for something when I have a basket full of left overs from other projects.

I've been watching and waiting for the release of this bunny pattern because it is just so stinking cute!  I don't know who I will make one for because both of the girls were unenthusiastic when I showed it to them, but somebody somewhere is going to get one!  Kate did however, request a shawl like that for her animals and her doll, Ivy.  How easy can it get?

So Poodle got one first and Ivy will be next.

As for reading....last Friday I wasn't feeling well and so I picked up one of Callie's library books that she hadn't started yet.  I had never read A Wrinkle In Time before.  I only got to chapter 4 I think, but I really liked it and I think she will like it too.  I also started Sugar Busters!  It's good, but the diet plan is sort of confusing in that every breakfast is orange juice, toast or oatmeal.  Seems like an awful lot of carbs to me if you are trying to cut back on sugar.  I had no intention of following their meal plan anyway.  My meals aren't the problem, it's the snacks and drinks.  I just wanted to read something to tell me how awful my favorite things are! LOL  It was actually a bit of a blessing to not feel well the day before and after my sugar fast began.


  1. A shawl for a doll? Why didn't I think of that? That's brilliant. I love A Wrinkle in Time. I especially love the first chapter.

  2. I can't wait to see the shawls. I'll try to remember to bring you the black sweater I shrunk, too! More free yarn! :)