Monday, March 4, 2013

February 28 Daybook

{Outside My Window}  Cold!  A winter storm is on it's way.  As much as I love snow, I'll admit it loses a bit of its luster when the calendar says March.  Plus, this may be more ice than snow.  We will see.

{I Am Thankful For}  That we made it through January and Cameron's absence without anyone being sick.  Huge answer to prayer since it seemed everyone around us was sick.  February?  Well, we almost made it.  Thankfully, it was short lived and so far, no one else has what I had last week.

{I Am Thinking About}  Kate.  I read several books on adoption while we were waiting for Kate.  A couple of them were terrifying and if I had read them before we took the leap, one book in particular would have possibly stopped me. Not only did it include all the horror stories out there, they even questioned whether people should adopt at all.  Like life in an orphanage would be better?  Not to mention that the Bible says it is pure religion to care for orphans and widows.  I wish I could remember the title because I thought, even though there are some heartbreaking situations out there, it was terrible and I would never recommend it.  Anyway, I pretty much convinced myself that our daughter wouldn't have any "issues" because we wouldn't act like adoption was a handicap and we wouldn't go on and on about it all the time or tell her too much too soon (which is what it seemed like a lot of the authors in those books were doing).  She does not have "issues".  I am learning though, that she must think about it much more than I realized.  There have been a lot of questions lately about what her Chinese Mom looks like or where she is and what she is doing.  A few nights ago Kate was really wishing she knew what her Chinese mom looked like.  I told her, "She must be pretty because you are so pretty."  She liked that answer. :)  I remember some picture books that we saw early on that were very good for girls adopted from China.  I thought that when the time was right, we might get one or two of them.  I can't remember the exact titles, but I remember enough to find them at the library.  I'll let you know about them if/when we get them in case anyone is interested.

{In the School Room}  Extremely little last week.  Thursday, Callie played teacher with Kate and she did a few of her own things yesterday and Friday ("few" is the keyword here).  I'm not sure which is more frustrating, the flu like symptoms or nothing much getting done.  Today we started fresh and things went well.

We started a new read aloud together in the mornings, Kisses from Katie.  Somehow, that book had gotten shoved aside and never finished.  I read it while I was sick and it is wonderful!   So, I decided to ditch a book that they have both hated the whole year and trade the time spent on that one with this one.  They will be thrilled when they figure out we won't be "doing birds" anymore.

Callie's photo--I guess a bowl of spaghetti helps with the math

{From the Kitchen}  Coconut flour pancakes.  Callie is always saying how she doesn't like coconut and every time I use either coconut flour or finely chopped coconut in something, she gobbles it up.  I used 3/4 c. coconut flour, 3/4 c. rice/sorghum flour blend and 1/2 c. potato starch.  Best GF pancakes yet!

Cameron made crab cakes for us Sunday night.  They were delicious!  He's now addicted to America's Test Kitchen that comes on PBS.  We got some of the DVD's from the library.  I think I can look forward to more yummy things cooked by Cameron because he loves it!

{Around the House}  I had gotten all the laundry caught up.  Then I got the flu.  Cameron and Callie kept everything else pretty decent.

So this week is mostly about catching up, which may be pretty easy to do if we get some nasty weather to keep us home.


  1. Oh hope you are feeling better! School has been lackluster around here too, need to get back on the ball!

    And I think you are right, Kate's mom must have been gorgeous, because she is precious and lovely!

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I love that picture of Kate - she is so pretty. Her eyes sparkle when she smiles. I agree with you about adoption - and I bet if anybody asked the kids themselves, none of them would rather stay in an adoption home, compared to being loved by a real mom and dad and belonging to a family. So glad God saved her for you!