Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yarn Bombing in Memphis

I can't show you pictures of what I am working on right now because it is a surprise.  I thought, however, that this would be a good spot for showing a huge yarn graffiti or yarn bombing that we saw in Memphis.

When we left the zoo, we passed by the Brooks Museum of Art.  It took me a minute to figure out what all that color was, but when I realized it was yarn, we had to pull over.  These pictures only show a little of what we saw.  There were several benches, light poles, double the amount of the shorter poles than you can see in the last picture, all covered in knitting.

Maybe next time we can check out the inside of the museum.

As for reading, I am reading How to Cook a Wolf.  After reading An Everlasting Meal, which was inspired by this book, I was curious.  I ended up liking An Everlasting Meal and I'm sure How to Cook a Wolf will have some good ideas too.  It's about eating well when "the wolf" is knocking at the door.  It was originally written to encourage cooks dealing with war time rations.  I'm only in the first chapter and I like it so far.  


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