Monday, August 12, 2013

August Daybook

{Outside My Window}  Pretty warm and a little humid and very sunny.  I can't complain when this summer has been so mild, but I'm glad for the AC today.

I was hoping to get some pictures of the girls that we could order and frame for family.  They just don't seem that good.  We may have to hire a professional with a much better camera!  And better skill. 

{I Am Listening To}  Nothing but the AC running. :)  Nothing is a very nice sound sometimes!

I'd frame this one if it wasn't for that silly bus in the background!

This one's probably the best.

{I Am Thankful For}  Cameron took the girls to the state fair.  Yes, we went last week, and No, I don't need to go twice. LOL  This is why it's so quiet.

I'm thankful for a husband who says, "I think we should stay two nights at your parents."  for pretty much no reason at all.  I had not even asked.

I'm thankful for Sermon Audio since we missed my favorite visiting preacher while we were gone.

I'm thankful for my parents health and that they can endure a weekend of chaos! LOL  It was the good kind of chaos, I'm just not used to that level of noise.

I'm also thankful for friends who love ice cream and talking as much as we do and are up for last minute parties.

{In the School Room}  We are getting closer.  As soon as I'm finished here, I'll be in there planning some more.  Books have been ordered which eases my mind greatly!  Hopefully they will all be here by the 26th, but if not, I've got the essentials here to get started.  The girls are going to be doing a thorough dusting and wiping down of the shelves and table this week or next.  I'm getting excited.  Which is good because there are always a few weeks during the summer where I want to stick my head in the oven and just can't imagine doing this one more year! LOL  Those feelings always pass, thank the Lord!

{In the Kitchen}  Well, I have a whole stack of cookbooks from the library again.  It's Cameron's fault this time!  The one I think I'm most excited about it the Wheat Belly Cookbook.  We also have a gluten free book by Emeril's daughters.  It looks really yummy too, but not necessarily things I would make every day.  So in the next couple of weeks, I plan on trying some of the recipes from these books.

{I am Creating}  A new bathroom.  No new cabinets or knocking down walls, but it will still be totally different.  I can't wait to show you.  It's almost ready.

{I am Reading}  I finished The Great Gatsby.  Now I can say I've read it.  I'm pretty shallow, I like happy books.  The story was intriguing and I was eager to keep reading to see what happened.  That's one reason I don't read a whole lot of fiction during the school months, I can't put them down!

{A Few Plans For the Week}  Not much this week.  Regular housekeeping and....Oh Wait!  A date tonight!!  YiPPee!!  We are working on a little surprise trip for next week.  More on that later.


  1. The Wortmans were telling us about the Wheat Belly cookbook - only I thought they were calling it the Weed Belly cookbook! I was thinking, "yuk!".

    Can't wait to see the bathroom! :)

    1. Oh Kelly! That's gross! LOL I can't wait for you to see it too.

  2. You could try and crop that one picture in Ribbet and make it a long 8x10 and that would get rid of the bus, maybe?
    I really like happy books too, but loved The Great Gatsby. I have actually read it more than once. But I still haven't seen the movie!

    1. I've hear the older one is better, with Robert Redford I think? I'm going to look for both of them at the library.