Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yarn Along

I'm currently working on a GAP-tastic Cowl for.....I don't know who.  Callie wanted one and she picked the yarn.  She didn't want it as wide as the pattern is written so I have enough to make another one, probably a little wider than hers, but not as wide as the original.  I'm not sure if anyone I would normally give a gift to would want it, so I may just keep it.  We'll see.

I've been reading an old Grace Livingston Hill book that I downloaded last summer and didn't read.  The Enchanted Barn.  It's very sweet, simple and old fashioned.  Perfect for the first week back to school.

After reading and listening to how important fairy tales are for a child's education I checked out Pinocchio from the library.  Kate doesn't like the pictures (I don't blame her, not my favorite either) but she is very engaged in the story.  Callie thinks Pinocchio is annoying and is getting tired of his antics.  I don't really blame her either.  We are ready for him to learn his lesson and move on to being a good boy!

I think next will be The Little Mermaid.  I've read it most of the way through and it is very interesting.  So, so different from the Disney cartoon!

Joining in with Ginny.

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