Friday, September 6, 2013

Moments From the Week

I really couldn't choose just one picture with no words this time.

The longest game of Jinga ever!  Seven spots where there is only one block.  

Our first {and only decent} apple.  I think we got a little too excited and picked it a bit early.  It was very tart!  But it was so big and fat and perfect.  We couldn't resist!

I think this picture is too dark, but Callie thinks this picture is "so cool".  It's just the food. :)  She wanted to have "Chipotle Night".  It was pretty yummy.

Do you want to know how to get "someone" to eat the beans she absolutely refused to eat the night before?  Put it out like this and call it by the name of a restaurant and let her make her own plate.  She had three helpings of beans!

Callie's "masterpiece"

Tuesday tea time.  There's no way we could get this in every day, but once a week is really nice.  They are going to want a snack anyway, all I have to do is make some tea and sit with them.  It's a great time to read about an artist, composer or read some poetry.  I wonder if I could sneak some Dr. Pepper into my tea cup?

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  1. Yummy!

    Callie's masterpiece looks delicious!

    You're so creative about getting them to eat good food! I need you to help me, so I'll want to eat beans, too.