Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Scottish Ball

I was really hoping to get this up sooner, but there just hasn't been time.

This year, my parents came up for The Ball.  They aren't dancers, but I thought they would enjoy seeing the girls and watching all the dances.  I was right.  But nothing could have topped this....

This is my father and Callie dancing the Broom Dance.  Now in the Broom Dance, there are two lines of dancers.  One line of Gentlemen and one line of Ladies.  At the top of the line will be two of one and one of the other.  The one holds a broom and chooses, by handing one the broom, which one she wants to sachet down the isle with.  You can't rig this!  You never know who you are going to end up with.  For Callie to end up between my dad and another boy was just a gift!  He loved it!!  

Here are some other highlights....

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  1. How wonderful. I am often so sad that my both my parents died (only in their 60's!) without getting to share so many of these kinds of special memories with my children. Cherish it!