Friday, January 10, 2014

Blizzard Realities

Well my other post made it look like sub-zero temperatures and wind chills were no big deal.  All movies and hot chocolate and knitting.

It was at first.

Just in case you sun enjoying readers out there were getting jealous of our cozy snow, I thought I'd share the other side with you too. ;)

This is the result of frozen and busted pipes underneath the kitchen.  There is access to crawlspace under the washer and dryer inside the laundry room, but it's a very tight space.  So another access was made under the counter where the dishwasher goes.

Water or no water, people still want to eat.  We are using as few dishes and pans as possible and we've already made one trek to McDonald's and another to get frozen pizza.  Hopefully, thanks to Cameron and two hard working young men, and a couple of phone consults with our own personal expert, we should be back in business  water today.  If not, we will be calling our "neighbors" to use their showers!!

I remembered that we can do the same thing to wash dishes as we have been to flush the toilet.  It takes 4 mop buckets of snow to flush.  I bed it would only take two or three to heat up enough to wash with.

Ahhh.....the simple country life.


  1. YIKES! I feel faint. Hope you get your water back TODAY. Any damage to the floor?

    1. No damage to the floor thankfully, all the water was underneath. We dipped it out with a bucket until Luke brought over a pump.

  2. Did the laundry loads finally make it through?

    Hopefully the new plumbing will make a difference next time it's so cold. I am so glad you have water!

    You are a trooper, Sharron!