Friday, May 2, 2014

National Day of Prayer



Yesterday, and every year on the first Thursday in May, was the National Day of Prayer.

The girls and I went down, along with two other families, to the Indiana State House for a time of prayer.  A local school choir sang and also a soloist, then there were about 10 or so local ministers and some other people who prayed.  Right now, Indiana is blessed to have a Christian Governor and he and the Speaker of the House prayed. There were prayers for the local government leaders and workers, prayers for our national leaders, for families, schools, and those who are suffering from poverty and violence and prayers for racial reconciliation.

It was so moving and good to be able to gather with others in our city and exercise our freedom to pray publicly.  There was no fear, even though I thought of instances in other places where people are attacked for less. 

I felt sorry for years past when I knew about the service, but never made it a priority, or really more than a passing thought.

We Christians have had it so easy in this country and we, or I should say I, act like it's always going to be that way.  I'm beginning to see, however, that that is not the case and we need to not take our freedoms for granted.

I'm writing it down for next year and will make it a priority.

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  1. I agree about going again, Sharron. It was a memorable time and I felt like I actually did something for the Lord, and for our local politicians. Praying is always a good thing!!