Friday, August 1, 2014

Garden Confessions

Well, you know what they say about intentions?

Oh I had such grand intentions in the garden this year!!  The reality?  It has probably been our most pathetic garden yet. 

Why?  I wish I could tell you some horrible, awful bugs ate every thing or that the weather was terrible and there was nothing we could do about it.  But, the truth is, well, I'm not even sure. 

There were several tomato plants that I put out entirely too early and they died.  We did get some radishes, but I didn't keep planting more so those were only around a few days.  A few things just never came up and then I found more interesting/important things to do, usually inside.  I just have a really hard time forcing myself to walk away from inside projects or every day chores to get the outside done.

The apple trees that looked so promising in the spring got some kind of fungus from the Juniper tree (which I don't even like!) and so we had to pick all those apples off and throw them away.  We were told how to prevent it for next year, so maybe the third year will be the charm.

On the bright side, flower beds were cleaned up and some new things planted.  We did some rearranging that I think will look really nice next spring and summer.  I still have one more thing, irises, to move. 

The herbs, oregano, thyme and parsley are doing well.  Now, if I would just think to use them more often! 

Kate's garden looks the best, but has been soooo slow to actually bloom.  Probably because of our much cooler than normal summer.  Which I have to say, I absolutely LOVE!!  But I'm sure the tomatoes that have survived (only two Brandywines, plus two volunteer Roma plants) would be doing much better if it were hotter.

I'm not throwing in the towel yet though.  I have plans to do some fall planting so we'll see how that goes.  Somebody just come drag me out there and make me stay till it's all done!


  1. My advice would be to schedule a party and invite several people from your past who have never been to your house. Instant motivation! :-D

    Now, if you can just me to update my blog! :-)

    1. Yes! Or Cameron's parents! I did weed two flower beds after writing this. :)

  2. Ha! Great advice, Colleen. And enjoy those herbs! Even if your plans for the garden didn't materialize quite like you hoped, you have had wonderful, memorable times with the girls and Cameron this summer! Now that's fruit that multiplies! :)