Friday, September 26, 2014

Man Makes Plans......

and God laughs.  Isn't that how the saying goes?

The last week has proven this to be true.  Thankfully, we started off the week with a beautiful, peaceful picnic a the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I love this place.  The outside is just as great as the inside and the weather was perfect!  Just cool enough for a sweater and warm enough to sit in the sun with flip flops on.  We ate our picnic, the girls goofed off with the phone camera, I did a bit of knitting and Cameron tried to get a nap.

The first wave of excitement was when Cameron was offered a full time position with a new company.  This was a huge answer to prayer and will hopefully be a really good move for him.  He was given the start date of October 1 which would mean he had two weeks with no work. 

Never fear, the Honey Do List to the rescue!  I was just a bit excited about some things that could be done.  Also, knowing he would be working a newer, more demanding job during their original days they planned to be here, Cameron's parents decided to go ahead and come up early.  We were also hoping to take the girls to the pumpkin patch and maybe pick some apples.

They left Monday morning, planning to be here sometime Tuesday.  Late Monday morning, the new company calls and says they would like to move Cameron's start date the very next day!!  While this was also an answer to prayer (would have been four weeks to first pay day), it did sort of throw a wrench in our plans.

We had a nice visit with Granny and Poppy, although I know they would have liked more time with Cameron.  He was busy upstairs watching training videos and having all kinds of conference calls and such.  He was excited to be getting started, but I know he wished he could be visiting more too.  And I KNOW he wished he could be working on that Honey Do list! ;) 

He actually did get one project done and Poppy helped finish that up.  The rest shouldn't take too long on a Saturday morning. 

I had a list for myself too and planned to be pretty busy Friday planting bulbs and doing some yard work.  I didn't feel too great when I woke up, but thought nothing of it.  I started a big breakfast of grits, egg souffle and sausage to fill up Granny & Poppy for their drive.  The more I cooked, the worse I felt and Cameron had to finish it up.  I felt pretty crummy and after they left I went back to bed.  I actually slept for four hours!  This after a full nights sleep.  Not in my plans to be in bed half the day!!  I'm praying it's just a fluke and that no one else gets it.  Especially Cameron!  He really doesn't have time to be sick right now. 

So our fall break was filled with job excitement, some running around with Granny and Poppy and..........

A working dishwasher!  Do you hear the angels?


  1. Wow - what an exciting week for you! Congrats on the new job!!

  2. Whenever you talk about visiting the Art Museum I feel inspired to go! Sorry you didn't feel well.

    Thrilled with you about the dishwasher!