Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Day Book

{Outside My Window} Breezy, and cool this morning.  Also, I'm watching a groundhog eat the grass as I type!  We've had a visitor here for the past couple of weeks.  The girls think he's adorable.  I have different thoughts.  I think Cameron's with the girls mostly.  For heaven's sake they just gave him/her a name!!

{Listening To}  My family talking about the groundhog and wishing they could play with it.  Crazy people!

{I'm Thankful For}  My crazy family!  A mostly smooth first two weeks of school,  wonderful, cool breezes.  God's love and care.  It's never ending, no matter all my faults (of which there are many!).  Also, realizing that we have 30 more minutes than I thought between ballet classes!  We may be able to come home and feed everyone after all. 

{In the School Room}  The first two weeks have been pretty good.  We use Tapestry of Grace for our Literature and History readings and they always have such a great book list.  So far we've had nothing much in the evenings and no need to rush or feel rushed.  I'll be doing my best to keep that same sense of calm now that our evenings will be pretty full.

I credit this smooth start to two things.  One, lots of prayer and two, Sarah Mackenzie and her e-book and podcasts.  Teaching From a State of Rest.  No, she doesn't mean with your feet propped up or a perfect nights sleep.  She means the kind of mental rest that comes from trusting in God's grace.  These are so, so good.  I really did not want to start this year.  I was wondering if an 8th grade education would be enough for Callie.  I was feeling totally inadequate and uninspired.  I won't say all those feelings are completely gone, but I will say reading Sarah's book and listening to the other educators talks, (and the prayers) helped put my fears and bad attitude into perspective. If you need encouragement and/or a little kick in the pants, I highly recommend getting your hands on this.  She has a great blog and also free podcasts that are awesome too.

{In the Kitchen}  I made bbq sauce last week.  I used this recipe and would definitely use it again.  I might leave out the chili powder though.  Kate liked it but she said it tasted like chili and I think she was right.  I used a combination of molasses and stevia for the sweetener.  I don't remember how much though.

It didn't take a lot of time.  About as much time as it would have taken me to get in the car, drive to the store, figure out which brand was the cheapest, but the one with less junk in it, stand in line and drive home.  Probably less.  It was great to have sauce that I actually knew exactly what was in it!!  And it ended up being way, way less expensive. 

{In My Thoughts}  This post at Life in Grace cracked me up.  It wasn't necessarily suppose to be funny, but it just made me laugh.  It also made me remember how much I used to love football.  I really liked it.  I even subscribed to Sports Illustrated in college.  {Just for the pics of Joe Montana probably}  For some reason, after getting a house and then having children and homeschooling I just really don't care that much any more.  Well, Joe Montana retired for one thing.  I do like Peyton Manning a lot.  I think I'm more of a player fan than a team fan maybe.  Anyway, I think I've forgotten how to have fun, yell at the TV, hold my breath to help them catch the ball.  I wonder if I can remember how.  Cameron would like it if I could.

Deep thoughts, I know.

{I am Reading}  Not much.  School stuff.  I'm waiting on a book from the library that was highly recommended though, so I'll let you know.

{I am Creating}  Nothing yet.  I have the yarn, I just need the right size needles.

{Plans For the Week}  Ballet and......tap!  Callie has been wanting to take tap for a few years now and Kate has been asking this year.  Thanks to a wonderful teacher who is bartering Callie's labor for tap, they will be starting that Thursday.  They both are really excited.  Kate is practically sleeping with her shoes.

A wedding this weekend and a visit with old friends.  I can't wait!!

{One of my favorite things}  Hearing Kate recite "Paul Revere's Ride" for fun.  She makes up a rabbit version, she says it in a "British" accent and does it while she's swinging.  Not the whole thing, it's very long, but we're up to about 1/3 of it.

And this....


  1. Don't you guys have a dog? That should get rid of the extra "pet." Wait -- isn't your dog about the same size as the groundhog? Never mind. :-D

    1. The groundhog would totally eat our dog! LOL