Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Callie

When Callie turned one, I cried for a week.  That hasn't happened since then......until this year.  She is turning 15 this year.  FIFTEEN!!!! 

How did this happen?!  How can it be that I have a daughter this old?  I get chocked up every time I think about it.  And I've been thinking about it for a month.

I remember the race to the hospital like it was yesterday.  I actually told Cameron to run the red lights if no one was coming.  We barely made it to the delivery room before she was born.   And the nurse at the doctor's office had said, "Well, just come by and we'll check you out."  Ha!! 





Callie came a little early and very fast.  She has surprised us over and over ever since.  Her hilarious personality when she was younger, her deep interest in other cultures and history, the way she loves other little girls instead of looking at them like pests (sister not always included), her long, looong legs, the way she can argue with you until your so confused you don't even know what day it is, the way she still loves to hang out with her parents and give us hugs and kisses, and the way that she marches to the beat of her own drummer, have all been surprises.  {The arguing should have been no surprise.  What goes around comes around!}

Things that really weren't a surprise?  Her curly hair, her love of books, her love of food {she is her father's daughter!}, her love of dressing up being a typical girl, in the good sense. 

And here is where my thoughts just get all jumbled.  All the joy of being a mother, but yet there have been hard days too.  I can't think of one without thinking of the other.

I have to say though, I wouldn't trade being her mother for anything.  For fifteen years now, I've been called "Mommy"  and it all started on October 7, 1999.

Happy birthday Callie!  I love you to the moon and back!!


  1. Love it! Happy Birthday, Callie, from the Worleys. :-)

  2. Love the pictures of her when she was little especially. :). Happy birthday, Callie!